#socialques: A series of social media influenced works of art.

#socialques is a new typographic series that I am working on that mixes image with hand-pressed, letterpress typography and handwritten words. The words come from my interaction with friends online via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Each work becomes an artifact of that interaction.

The work begins with a found image from a moment in my daily life. I take a quick photo with my iPhone. I use the Tiltshift Generator app to alter the digital capture into a higher contrast, zero saturation (black and white) photo. Using my Instagram account, I share the image, including Facebook and Twitter with my caption, "Looking for one word comments on this image. #art." Then the poetry begins. 

So far, comments have ranged from 20-60 words per image. During this first round of requests, eleven in all, they began to drop in quantity of responses. Maybe because my friends were getting tired of my weekend long posts, only asking for comments. Some comments were poignant and deep, some were literal, some were humorous and snarky. Regardless of what they were, I used them all in the end. Who doesn't want a piece of art with the words beer, streetlightzilla or vagina imbedded? It's all part of the social experience…at least in my circles.

What does this all mean? That's up to you. Leave a comment below, and tell me what #socialques means. You can use more than one word this time.