Stagger Inn

Stagger Inn   oil on canvas 30" x 30"

Stagger Inn
oil on canvas
30" x 30"

Stagger Inn is the fourth painting I created in 2013. It's the first of my images that represents one of my! This still life is a place setting at a little bar and grill in Edwardsville, IL, named, what else, Stagger Inn. "Stagger," as we locals call it, is a long-standing bar, more known for their bands and beers. May family knows it as one of our favorite Saturday afternoon lunchtime haunts.

For an Edwardsvillian, this painting is instantly recognizable by their blue tablecloths and flatware loaded mugs and re-filled Heinz ketchup (not catsup, that's in Collinsville). 

The paint is applied rather loosely and very thick. Not with a palette knife, but with the brush. Color is mixed loosely, as not to appear even. What I try to do, and not always successfully, is create mini abstractions of color and texture, if you were to look at a small detail area. Its been years since my painting courses, but I will never forget the lessons learned from Walter Sorge on the value of layering in applying paint. A painting should have thick areas, thin areas and should overlap and intertwine.  

A detail of the straw in the lower right corner of   Stagger Inn

A detail of the straw in the lower right corner of Stagger Inn

I would say that the subject matter should tell one story, but the application and craft should convey another. I try to keep a playful attitude in both. 

This is also, the first painting of mine to sell from the 2013 Collection. First painting to sell, ever, actually. To view my other paintings for sale, visit my gallery shop.

- Steve


Stagger Inn Giclée Print
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You are purchasing a signed Giclée print of the painting Stagger Inn by Steve Hartman. The original painting is no longer for sale, this is the only availability to purchase this image.

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It is printed on high quality, museum-grade, archival paper with archival inks that will last 200 years.

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