#socialques Vanilla Coke - Submission for the AIGA St. Louis Design Week Dot Show


Each year, the St. Louis Chapter of AIGA, The Professional Association for Design, organizes a massive week-long event - St. Louis Design Week. As part of the festivities, an art party with a cause is held to raise funds for great area causes. This year (2014) they have organized The Dot Show – showcasing and selling art objects created by area designers and artists. 

The Dot Show is being held in conjunction with St. Louis' 250th Anniversary. Artists and designers are asked to commemorate their favorite or most inspirational location in the St. Louis area.

Being an Illinois native, growing up and living just east of St. Louis my entire life, I chose to showcase a memory of my first boyhood town - Venice, Illinois. Although our family moved from Venice to Edwardsville, Illinois in 1974 (I was four years old), I still have great memories of Venice. One being John's Drive-In - where my Mom would buy me a Vanilla Coke and a huge stick Jolly Rancher. What was she thinking of letting me drink Coke at age four! This is probably why I'm bald. My piece follows along with my #socialques series of art pieces. 

The Dot Show art will be sold in a silent auction to raise funds for the AIGA St. Louis student efforts. You can come try and outbid me for my own piece on September 22, 2014 at the Regional Arts Commission at 6128 Delmar BLVD, University City, MO 63112.