Next Window Please - The Northside Dairy Bar

On the way out of Edwardsville, on the North side of town, there stands Northside Dairy Haven. I've called it Northside Dairy Bar since I was a a kid, and that's what my kids call it today. 

There, you can get a shake, a malt, a twisty cone, a burger, hotdog and fried thingies. Not at all spectacular, but every bit of local charm makes your experience there better than expected. This is a slice of the Americana landscape that is slowly disappearing, but lingers on because of the few that still believe. 

This painting, Northside Dairy Bar, pairs well with my painting, Litchfield in the genre of capturing the Midwest Americana experience that surrounds me. If you'd like to learn a little more about this place and what I get to see everyday, read more about it on the Sauce Magazine blog.

Northside Dairy Bar

Northside Dairy Bar
oil on canvas
40 x 30 inches


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